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Who enables advertisers to calculate the optimal price for billions of online advertising opportunities a day?
Who enables health care organizations to schedule the right nurse at the right time?
Who enables scouts of soccer talent to select more efficiently and in a reliable way?
Who enables manufacturers to deliver milk cartons at the right location in time?
Who enables supermarkets to provide its stores in time without wasting fuel?
Who enables oil companies to store enough fuel?

ORTEC does!
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Business Course 3 May 2018


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  • "Even before signing the employment contract, I was already offered a great and challenging project to start with as of day 1. I didn't have to think about signing anymore!" Robert Monne, Junior Analytics Consultant

  • "I really like working at ORTEC because you get all the freedom to create and develop your own great ideas." Egbert van der Veen, Senior Consultant

  • At ORTEC you are being empowered, based on trust and friendship.” Yanling Chin ing., Junior Software Programmer

  • “You want to work with warehouse robots, Ajax' formation, ticket pricing, workforce planning and ad campaigns? You won't be bored here!" Bas den Heijer MSc, Software Engineer