Anne-Jette – Software Engineer

During my study Econometrics and Operations Research in Groningen I got introduced to ORTEC. I always knew that after my study I wanted to do something with OR, because I found (and still find) it very interesting to solve logistic puzzles. By attending presentations and workshops from ORTEC I got a good overview on what this company stands for, and this also gave me the opportunity to experience the atmosphere at the office. They both really attracted me. ORTEC has a very pleasant, informal ambiance, and a strong collection of software products that can optimize logistic processes in a wide range of markets.

Since the end of 2009 I am working as a software engineer on the Product Development department. I started working on a product to optimize load building of containers, and after a few years I switched to a product that optimizes routing for trucks. As a software engineer I mainly write code, but over the day my activities are very diverse. For example: designing, testing, documenting, discussing or implementing. And when I am actually writing code, the topic can vary also. For example last week I added new functionality to the user interface, while this week I am writing code to let the user interface communicate with our algorithms, to present the computed solution to the user. The variation in activities makes my work challenging and diverse. Therefore I find my work very interesting, since I like to see how to solve complex puzzles and how you can present the solution clearly to the user.

As I mentioned before, the ambiance within the company is very pleasant. Colleagues are always willing to help each other, and to let you know that your work is appreciated. And very important: there’s always room for humor! We work in small teams, where communication and cooperation are important. Together we work on a larger goal: creating a product that can really make a difference for our customers.
Finally I’d like to mention that ORTEC offers its employees a lot of opportunities to grow. There is a wide variety of roles to choose from: consultancy, software implementation, testing, support, design, .. And if you feel like you need a new challenge, there is always an opportunity to switch to another team or department. And there is budget to follow courses and workshops, both internally and externally, or to do internships at other departments.