Meet & Match experience – Eveline

Meet & Match gives you the opportunity to meet ORTEC and your future colleagues, follow a workshop to prepare for your professional career and to solve a challenging escape room with co-participants. Sounds fun, right? Well, to top it all, you also might be offered a job by the end of the day! So, we met up with Eveline van Dijck (former participant) and asked a few questions about her experience of the Meet & Match day. In this blog Eveline describes what the day looked like, about working at ORTEC and some other things which you might be wondering.


Eveline van Dijck

Before we met & matched

Around 9 months ago, when I was just getting used to working full-time on my thesis, I came across the vacancy for Analytics Consultant via the Meet & Match day. When I read in the job description that I wouldn’t stop learning, would have a lot of client contact and that I would work on projects in different fields, I was practically sold. Back then, I had also talked to some people from ORTEC at the Landelijke Econometristendag (National Econometricians Day) so I already knew a little bit of what the company did. I decided to apply for the Meet & Match day: I sent my CV and motivation letter, followed by completing an intelligence and capacities test.

The day itself – from solving cases to fun escape rooms

At the day itself, I was quite nervous. I didn’t know what the day would bring, how tough the interviews would be and what the other applicants would be like. Luckily for me, a good friend of mine also applied, so we could travel to Zoetermeer together. Upon arrival at the headquarters, I met the other applicants and got my personal program for the day. For me, the Meet & Match day started with working on an individual case study and presenting my findings in the first interview. Besides that, the first interview was mostly about getting to know me and what I would like to do within ORTEC. After having lunch with fellow applicants and other ORTEC employees, I had a workshop, one more interview and an escape room to go to. The second interview was more challenging than the first one and the escape room was a lot of fun!

At the end of the day, we had some drinks with other trainees and employees at the bar on the top floor, waiting for the moment of truth. Suddenly I got nervous, rethinking all the things I had said earlier that day. Fortunately, I received the good news that I was hired! As soon as all hired applicants were back at the bar, we cheered to our new jobs together and enjoyed some pizza.

After we matched

So that was it: I didn’t have to go through a procedure of several weeks in between interview rounds: it just all happened in 1 day. As I still had a thesis to finish, I didn’t start working right away. After graduating, I first took a month off, and then joined ORTEC in November. Two other applicants from the Meet & Match day joined ORTEC on the same day as I did. I found it really nice to already know some people on my first day.

I’ve been with ORTEC now for a bit over 4 months, and I have already learned a lot about the tools we develop for our clients and what I want to focus on in the coming years. I have even been on my first international business trip already! Moreover, I like the team I’m working in and the professional and informal contact I have with the other trainees. I really recommend the traineeship, and I think the Meet & Match day is a very fun day to get to know ORTEC and the ORTEC Family!

We would like to thank Eveline for sharing her experience. Did you get curious and excited for the next Meet & Match? Do you want some more information about the full day and what to expect? Don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers and get more information about Meet & Match by clicking here.

Let’s Meet & Match! See you there.