Your first day at ORTEC Optimization Technology

Welcome at ORTEC!

This is your first day at ORTEC! During the job application you have already heard a fair amount of abbreviations. Departments all have names like OCG, OOG, O4C, OCS, OSG, but you selected department: OOT (ORTEC Optimization Technology)! This is where you start optimizing the world with our proven technology.

It is 09.30 on your first day, a fresh start. At the reception desk you receive a keycard for the parking and a keyring for the floors in the building. Now you are good to go to experience the colorful floors of our fancy building. The first stop is at TEC (our IT support department). They present you a prepared laptop just for you. Next you will go up to one of the floors where OOT is situated. You will meet our secretary and next you need to find a flex-desk to get you up and running. You need to hurry up, the standup meeting is starting in about a few minutes! The standup meeting is good for knowing what others are working on and who can use some help.  You can shake hands after the standup. You have just met your team and probably are coupled to one of those members, participate in solving an issue or creating new cool stuff.

You will meet your manager over a good coffee for a short conversation and you will be guided through the building. Time flies, around 12:00 your colleagues ask you if you want to join the ‘lunchbreak walkers’. Some will go to the park, some to the shopping center. Others stay in, have their lunch in the canteen or even at their desk. It is up to you! When the lunchbreak is over, we start again with a standup. What needs attention, who needs help? All tasks are distributed again, so you need to get to your laptop to start working on your task. At around 17:30 most people call it a day. Finish your task and update the scrum board.

This was your first day! At home you can tell about the nice colleagues, the cool building and the great atmosphere. You made the right decision! Welcome at ORTEC Optimization Technology!