(Young) Professionals

At ORTEC, it’s not necessary to have work experience; we believe that it is more important that you have a passion for IT, strong analytical thinking skills and are motivated to develop professionally. New employees at ORTEC learn a lot on the job, and your colleagues will always be eager to help.

We have a Young Professionals Development Program for starters in the fields of IT, consultancy, implementation and sales. During this program, you will attend a number of internal training courses, have regular meetings with your coach, and have plenty of room to tailor your own education. Once per year, all of our Young Professionals come together during an annual meeting.

The Professionals Development Program is for those in their mid-career. During this program, you begin a process of self-reflection in which you consider your knowledge, skills and competencies and what your ideal career would look like. You then discuss how you can achieve your goals with your manager and your coach. There is plenty of space to tailor your own development path to create a program that perfectly suits your professional growth!