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ORTEC is one of the world’s leaders in optimization software and analytics solutions. We make companies more efficient, more predictable and more effective. We turn complex challenges into easy-to-use solutions.Since the foundation in 1981, ORTEC has grown into an international company with over 800 ambitious employees worldwide. We have customers like KLM, Walmart, Albert Heijn, Simon Loos, Carglass and many others.


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Analytics Consultant

Are you looking for the opportunity to work in Optimization, Machine Learning or Forecasting applied at one of our customers in for instance the Aviation, Oil & Gas or Parcel & Express field? Do you like topics such as data analytics to boost supply chain optimization, forecasting to improve the performance at an airport, or margin optimization in an express network? Read more

Junior Analytics Consultant

You start your career at ORTEC Consulting with a solid trainee program which consists of both soft skills training courses, and a hard skills training program to get you up to speed with the necessary techniques and functionalities. You work for different teams in various industries, using a wide variety of tools and techniques. You get experience in many parts of the entire process of acquisition, problem definition, developing an approach, analytics, modelling, programming, testing, delivery and implementation. Sounds appealing? Read more

Data Engineer (SQUID)

At SQUID, part of ORTEC Optimization Technology (OOT), we work on projects from ORTEC Consulting. As consultancy at ORTEC is always custom-made, you will work on new projects, sometimes small, sometimes incredibly large, from (partly) new clients, and with the newest technologies. So never a dull moment and always amazing clients to work for such as Thomas Cook, NS, de RAI, Tata Steel and many more. Bottom line: we know this is an exciting opportunity. If you feel the same, then apply today. Read more.

Front-end Software Engineer

As a Front-End Software Engineer at ORTEC you will be part of a unique organization and team!

The user experience is always on top of mind while doing your front end development work. You know agile (Scrum/Kanban) processes and you feel strongly about quality. We work with fully automated unit testing, UI testing and continuous integration as well as code reviews. Read more

Full-stack Developer Oil Industry

You are part of a team that builds custom solutions for one of the largest Dutch oil companies. Our team of approx. 15 people is responsible to support our customer to improve their cost estimation activities. As our full-stack developer you thrive on improving our existing tool, you are proactive and you enjoy talking to our customer, who is actually inhouse at ORTEC for a few days a week as well, to make sure you understand their needs, and translate them into the development of our custom made software. This means you work on enhancing the tool, as well as adding new features to the tool, always working from a user experience perspective. Read more

Teamlead Operations (SQUID)

You get the chance to create from scratch, so who knows, you might be the first to bring a new solution for ORTEC, useful for an amazing group of (international) customers, such as Thomas Cook, NS, Tata Steel and De Rai. Different industries, different projects, ranging from small to huge projects and working together with ambitious people with an entrepreneurial attitude. Sounds exciting? Keep reading and apply today! Read more

Data Scientist

Do you like to pioneer in the field of Big Data and Data Science? Then this job might fulfill your wishes. Big Data can be defined as information for which at least one of the following complexity V’s is applicable: Volume (data that is generated and stored), Variety (different forms of data, often unstructured), Velocity (the speed of creating the data, requiring real-time processing of streaming data) and Veracity (uncertainty of data due to sampling). We are especially interested in the so-called 5th ‘V’, which is Value, representing meaningful outcome from the Big Data processing and analysis, applying state-of-the-art Machine Learning and Optimization techniques. Sparked your interest? Read more

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Besides these permanent roles, we are always looking for bright students, we have certain projects defined, but are always open to other ideas from students!

Graduation Student: Using Data And Analytics To Boost Supply Chain Optimization

There is a lot going on in the landscape of analytics and supply chain optimization. From the data and analytics perspective Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, and Big Data are hot topics. Data mining, statistics and machine learning techniques seem more popular and useful than ever. And although many people are convinced of the seemingly endless possibilities that analytics offer to improve decision making, it is not so clear what added value it all brings. To explore the opportunities, ORTEC has started a research program: Data science to boost Supply Chain Optimization. Read more

Graduation Student: Deep Learning For Recognition Of Seeds In Images

As a Graduation student at ORTEC you will be part of the Center of Excellence within ORTEC Consulting. The Center of Excellence continuously seeks to improve the knowledge base of ORTEC consultants and data scientists thereby improving project quality for our customers. In particular, we are exploring data science and machine learning methods that can be applied to optimize challenges in our customer’s businesses. In this project, you will work in close cooperation with the company IMIX ( who is the owner of the data and specific classification challenge. Read more

Graduation Student: Development Of A Rapid Application Development Environment

To boost developer productivity and to more easily produce prototypes/demo’s it is desirable to quickly compose screens and automatically generate all the boilerplate code that entails. There is a challenge however in that our development stack (ASP.NET/C# with Typescript/Angular) was not designed for rapid prototyping. We would like to investigate how to introduce several kinds of rapid prototyping, ranging from UI design (with ‘smart’ UI components), entity design (where data access, UI and data binding needs to be taken care of) to application design (configuring an application to deploy either locally or to the cloud). Read more