Seeing the world as ORTEC’s Implementation Consultant (1)

Moral of this story, working is not always that bad. I always worried that after being a student, my life would get boring. That you will end up doing the same job over and over without any challenge anymore. Luckily, I got the opportunity to challenge myself by working abroad. How did I got there?

I started a bit over a year ago as a trainee for the role as implementation consultant of our routing software. After a traineeship of a year, I got to know everything there is to know of being an implementation consultant and I am finally ready to start working for a customer. What is an implementation consultant you may ask. In short, after a company decides to buy our software, someone has to make sure their specific requirements are configured into the software correctly. You need to make sure you get to know all the details of the business by asking the right questions. After you gathered all this information, you configure the software such that their planning process is covered.

But back to the working abroad part, I got the opportunity to work on a Brazilian project for our office in Rio de Janeiro. After the brief deciding period of two seconds if I wanted to go, my travel and lodging was arranged. Last Tuesday I flew from Amsterdam to Rio, and on Wednesday I started working in a city with a temperature of 28 degrees instead of 8. I took my laptop with me, so it was really easy getting started in the Rio office. It really is a strange feeling to work in the office in Zoetermeer on one day, and 36 hours later you are doing similar work on the other side of the world. Luckily my colleagues are really friendly and ORTEC minded, which eased the transition as well. I got the luck that there was a company BBQ on Wednesday, which also helped me to feel welcome here.

On Monday I will fly to Fortaleza for a business meeting with the customer of the project, I will be there for a period of two week. I am really looking forward to meet with the customer and starting to get to know their business.

Mathijs Waegemakers