Guiding students Haagse Hogeschool

For some years already, ORTEC works together with Haagse Hogeschool (The Hague University of Applied Sciences) to offer a case that needs to be solved during a course of the study Toegepaste Wiskunde (Applied Mathematics).

During this second-year course, the students must develop a method to solve a ‘real’ business problem. For a long time, the problem that was solved was a Vehicle Routing Problem. However, this year ORTEC was asked to develop a new case.

Among several problems that ORTEC has solved these years, we chose to base the problem on an assignment problem that was solved for of our clients. The students were tasked to create an assignment of reservations to cottages that is feasible and optimized.

In April, the kickoff of the course took place. We introduced ORTEC to the students and we presented the case description. In the weeks that followed, the students were busy solving the problem. On the 20th of June, the group of around fifty students came to ORTEC to present their methods and solutions. Among them, some nice methods were presented. Hopefully, we will find some of the students solving real cases for ORTEC in the future.